We focus on tying health benefits to nature and the forces that surround the earth


Our Treatment options are rooted in the latest findings of physics, chemistry, and evolutionary biology


Our holistic approach focuses on getting to the root causes of your physical and dental health issues

Approach your health biologically at the Human Universal Health Institute

Membership to the HUH Institute starts at just a one time, lifetime access fee of $20. As a new member of the HUH Institute, you’ll begin at the BioVital members’ office. Here, you’ll review your health history and goals with one of our vitality specialists, and take a few metrics to begin tracking your health progress including your pH balance, oxygen utilization, and heart rate variability. 

Next, you can tour of the HUH Institute to learn more about each modality available to you, and our biological approach. We’ll show you around BioDentist’s suites, our educational spaces, and all the Vitality Clinic rooms including Infusions, Skincare, and Colon Hydrotherapy

After you’ve been oriented, we’ll help you take you a direct step towards your vitality by creating a custom treatment plan with you. Whether it’s scheduling with BioDentist, attending an educational event, or committing to a monthly program, we’ll have some great choices for you to advance towards your health goals.

Is your body carrying a toxic load?

Discover ways to easily impact your health.

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About the Human Universal Health Institute

At the Human Universal Health Institute, you are empowered to optimize your conditions, and reach your greatest vitality. Experience a world renowned approach to biological dentistry and holistic healthcare with us as you venture forward on your health journey.

The HUH Institute facility covers 20,000 sq. ft., which includes your biological dentistry practice, cutting-edge vitality clinic, and a community of healers and educators building a better model for the future.

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How do I increase my vitality in your center?
The simple answer is by understanding and working with your innate bodily systems and functions. This means everything from understanding biological concepts like the extra-cellular matrix and heart rate variability, to getting on the oxygen bike, in the infrared sauna, and on Dr. John’s chair if need be. We offer education and treatments to ensure you can create the life your envisioning.
Will you help me build my vitality plan?
Absolutely! That is ultimately what we are here for. We offer all kinds of treatment plans depending on your health goals. As you become more and more familiar with biological medicine and holistic health, we hope to empower you as the master of your vitality.
How long does your program take?
We cannot say because there is no limit to the level of vitality you can seek, and everyone has their own unique vision and starting place. We typically offer at least 3 months of planning to help people get on track.
What is the cost?
The cost of your treatment plan all depends on your own health goals, and where you are currently at in your journey. Our most expensive services surround surgical restoration of the mouth through BioDentist.
Can I try it for free?
You may absolutely come by one of our visitor’s orientations to experience what the HUH Institute has to offer at no cost to you. We have at least one of these events each month, and sometimes offer other free educational and experiential events through our non-profit arm: BioLogic.
What is toxic load?
Toxic load refers to the accumulation of toxins found in everyone’s body at any given time. These toxins have a taxing effect on your immune system, energy, alertness, clarity, and all other aspect of health. Depending on many factors including your body’s innate ability to detoxify, your own detox practices, and the rate of accumulation, you could find yourself in a resilient and vibrant state, in a death-defying state of peril, and anywhere in between.
What is biological medicine?
Biological medicine is simply approaching health with the intention of aligning with the processes happening throughout your body. We want to make the body our ally, and set it free. By comparison, some medical approaches seem willing to go to war with the body in an attempt to gain control over it.
Do you take insurance?
We do not accept insurance because we want to offer the best treatments and services for you at any given time. This choice is not yet supported by the insurance industry.
How is your approach different than conventional healthcare?
Conventional healthcare aims to diagnose and mitigate specific diseases and injuries, whereas our biological approach looks at your health from a big picture lens to see the interconnections and root causes of all disease. Conventional medicine has produced countless advancements for human health, particularly in cases of traumatic injury, but it is limited because it reacts to symptoms without addressing the underlying conditions. Our holistic approach recognizes the signals of the body and works to create real solutions that not only help treat the chronic symptoms that traditional medicine can’t, but to create and nurture our innate vitality.