Treating Patients as Individuals and their parts as a whole


Back when I graduated from dental school and went into practice as a traditional, insurance-driven dentist, I thought the “holistic” approach was a radical idea. You see, in dental school we were taught “single tooth dentistry”, where a dentist would look in someone’s mouth and find something to fix, usually one tooth at a time. Furthermore, the teeth were largely considered in isolation from each other, not to mention the rest of the body.

We were trained as “tooth mechanics”.   It was assumed that every patient could be worked on in the same way, under the same system with the same set of standards, rules, and regulations. People thought nothing of going from dentist to dentist, and always were looking for the best deal when it comes to spending money on dental health care. If your insurance changed providers, then off you went to another dentist. Yet over time, mouths that had undergone extensive dental work often looked like abstract art – art created by several different painters, none of whom knew what the others were doing, let alone had a sense of how the disease got there in the first place.

That’s why at BioDentist, we take the time to really get to know you. And we spend nearly as much time on patient education as we do clinical application. That’s because at BioDentist, we are not just “tooth mechanics” running you though an assembly line. Just as there are no two teeth perfectly alike, every patient we serve is unique as well. We always consider the larger and longer-term impact of every procedure we recommend, because we believe in treating your teeth for life.

Yours for Better Health,

John E. Augspurger, DDS