Looking for a more luxurious experience? We recommend you have book your stay with one of these hotels:

Jacquard Hotel Cherry Creek — 303.515.2000

Halcyon Hotel Cherry Creek720.772.500

Clayton Hotel Denver303.551.1600


Event Accommodation

We typically partner with The Hilton Garden Inn Denver | Cherry Creek to create discounted room blocks for large scale events. This hotel is about a 3-5 minute drive or 20-30 min walk from The HUH Institute. We recommend you book with this hotel to most easily coordinate travel to and from The HUH Institute on our official trainings and events.

If your event has a discounted room rate available, you will find a booking link below. If there are no links below or you otherwise do not see you event listed, your event may not have a discounted room rate available. Please note that HUH events may have cutoff dates where we can no longer guarantee a discounted rate. Contact your event coordinator for more information.

Travel & Parking

If you are arriving via plane to Denver International Airport (DIA), you may book a taxi, Lyft or Uber from the airpot directly to your hotel. Some hotels offer a shuttle service.

It is also possible to take the train from DIA into Denver’s Union Station, and then call a Lyft/Uber or taxi from there to get to your hotel/stay.

If you have your own vehicle, know that there is free parking in and around the HUH Institute. We have dozens of spots in our covered garage under the building, and there is free street parking on South Hudson Street and the surrounding neighborhood.

We are meeting in a high elevation area. Please keep that in mind as you prepare for your trip. We recommend you bring several layers to ensure you are prepared for Denver’s often beautiful though often unpredictable weather conditions.

union station building

Discover more about the organizations at The HUH Institute

BioDentist provides complete care for patients seeking the best biological and most holistic solution to their dental health and overall vitality.

The BioVital vitality clinic empowers you to change your conditions, optimize your health, and reach your greatest vitality.

Our non-profit BioLogic 501(c)3 hosts a variety of educational events to help people heal, learn, and grow with healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, and educators from around the world.

We recognize that health and education walk hand in hand. We have created an educational platform to reflect this truth and ensure members have the greater access to vital information and the ability to share what they know with the world.

About our biological health center

The HUH Institute is an over 20,000 square foot campus featuring a world class Biological Dentistry practice, a cutting-edge vitality clinic, and a community of healers, educators, and members who come from around the world to generate vitality.

Organic permaculture gardens surround the building as a living embodiment and tribute to natural vitality. We invite you to discover how you can enhance your health using biologically sound treatments, practices, and services.

Our 5-star patients