Meet the BioDentist

Dr. John Augspurger


Dr. John Augspurger, DDS has been working in the field of dentistry since age 13 at his father’s practice. Soon after graduating from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, he realized there were flaws in the conventional approach to dentistry. His commitment to authentic care took his focus to the cutting edge of biological medicine. In studying with the world’s foremost practitioners of holistic dental care, Dr. John became the BioDentist and later co-founded the HUH Institute.

Biological dental services at BioDentist

The HUH Institute is home to the world-class biological dentistry practice, BioDentist. Dr. John Augspurger and his team provide complete care for patients seeking the best holistic solutions to their dental health and overall vitality.

BioDentist is located near Cherry Creek in Denver Colorado. Our biological and holistic dental practice is part of our 20,000 square ft. health campus, where we offer a wide spectrum of biological services to support vitality. 

Discover BioDentist services and methods below:

FDOJ (Cavitation) Remediation

When hollow spaces in the jawbone play host to dead tissues, anaerobic bacteria release harmful toxins which contribute to deadly diseases and chronic illness. The biological imperative is to remove these infected tissues, and replace them with healthy cells and biocompatible materials. BioDentist specializes in safely and effectively restoring cavitation sites.

Dental Ozone Therapy

Ozone delivers oxygen to tissues in such a way that it can speed healing and reverse damage. Ozone’s natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties also make it safer and more effective than traditional antibiotics and sterilization techniques. BioDentist utilizes ozone in numerous ways and can even help you begin your own applications of ozone at home.

3D Cone-beam Imaging

This technology allows a dentist to see the entire mouth structure, observe the density of oral tissues, and locate infections invisible to traditional x-rays. 3D scans are a must when making an accurate diagnosis of anyone’s mouth, and in creating a proper treatment plan.

Root Canal Remediation

Root Canal sites invariably play host to harmful anaerobic bacteria which emit toxins into the surrounding tissues and contribute to serious chronic conditions. BioDentist can safely clear infection sites and restore healthy tissues using biologically sound materials and protocols.

Mercury Removal

Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive, naturally-occurring substance on our planet. BioDentist follows the highest level of protocols and leverages the best tools to safely remove amalgam fillings, and relieve your body of this poisonous metal.

Dental Implants

When a tooth is extracted for any reason, you can recover functionality, maintain bone levels, and achieve a restorative aesthetic in your mouth through biologically compatible implants. BioDentist specializes in the creation and placement of beautiful zirconia ceramic implants.


Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a method of using your own blood to create a perfect biological repair mechanism. BioDentist employs this technology in dental surgeries and regenerative procedures to support the fastest, most complete, and most pain free recovery for each patient.


The latest laser applications in dentistry are so valued for their speed, efficiency, and minimal invasiveness. Patients experience faster, less painful recoveries, and Dentists can perform more precise and thorough tissue corrections using this innovative technology. 

Second opinion and diagnosis

Do you need greater assurance or insight into your dental health? Dr. Auspurger and the BioDentist team can bring decades of experience in the field of biological and holistic dentistry to your case. We’re able to provide feedback and ensure you receive the correct care for you.

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HUH Institute

Biological and holistic healthcare has emerged as an answer to the limits of traditional medicine in many fields, not the least of which is dentistry. At the HUH Institute, we provide our patients with the resources to restore a mouth completely. This means education on biological medicine, biologically sound protocols and materials, and coordinated services for your entire body. 

Biological Dentistry Training

Dr. John Augspurger has been at the forefront of biological dentistry in the United States for over 30 years. His decades of study include direct mentorship from leading practitioners like Hal Huggins, Dr. Thomas Levy, and Dr. Thomas Rau. Dr. Augspurger has honed his biological protocols and practices to create reliable and beautiful patient outcomes.

It is now Dr. John’s mission to create greater access to biological dentistry for all, which includes training more dentists in his advanced methods.

If you are are a dentist seeking to offer your patients the best solutions in dentistry, you and your team are invited to register for upcoming BioDentist Way training and certification.

Upcoming The BioDentist Way™ Events

5653The BioDentist Way™ Training & Certification
October 27 - October 28
The BioDentist Way™ Training & Certification

The world’s foremost introductory training on biological dentistry for doctors and their teams.

Disease Detection & Prevention

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. BioDentist can help you detect and care for health problems that are signalled in the mouth. By understanding the mouth as the window to health that it is, we can put more space between ourselves and life-threatening complications like heart disease, cancer, organ failures, and more. 

Non-Toxic Treatments

The use of toxic chemicals, metals, and prescriptions can cause health issues in humans. BioDentist aligns our methods to the betterment of your biology to support your natural resilience.

Antifragile Vitality

Treating your mouth and body holistically opens the door to actualizing a better version of yourself. Because we work from the root causes of health issues, we can create a bedrock for your health that won’t leave you worse off down the road. By restoring the mouth completely in the correct sequence, we unlock innate health to continue paying dividends for us as we live.

Superior Approach 

Biological dentistry offers the cutting edge of technological and methodological advancements in dental health. BioDentist’s perspective is inclusive of the knowledge gained from traditional dental practice, and also builds upon the latest insights and revelations about what makes us thrive and keeps us healthy. By combining ancient and modern wisdom, we have a more effective and powerful approach than ever before. 

We transform lifes.

Millions of people are experiencing the limits and ill effects of outdated dental and medical practices. Our advanced approach is an answer for those seeking to reclaim their health and vitality. Through a deeper biological understanding of our mouth and our body, BioDentist is perfecting treatment that does no harm, reverses damage, and restores a mouth to life. The benefits of our biological dentist approach include the following.

Dental Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a form of oxygen which is significant in that it carries an extra oxygen atom, and therefore creates an oxygen response wherever it goes. The effects are profound and potentially life-changing, as ozone’s ability to safely disinfect tissue and encourage regeneration is unparalleled.

Ozone Therapy is one of the safest medical treatments available and has helped millions of people around the world.

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3D Cone-beam X-ray imaging

Imaging your mouth with this technology is absolutely critical in making a correct diagnosis for someone’s dental health. Most importantly, the cone beam imaging provides complete information about the density of your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues. This means that infections, tooth fragments, and other issues cannot hide and cause problems undetected. No complete analysis of the mouth can begin with the use of this powerful new technology.

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Root Canal Remediation

​​The fundamental problem with root canals is that there is no proven way to fully sterilize your tooth. After roots have been drilled out and the tooth filled, the now dead tooth can harbor harmful bacteria out of sight and out and even with no perceivable discomfort.

These anaerobic bacteria produce toxins which poison the surrounding tissues and enter the bloodstream. The more severe the infection, the more likely someone will develop serious chronic conditions including heart disease, kidney disease, bone problems and brain complications. BioDentist restores decaying tissues into a state of health using sound biological protocols, materials, and methodology. 

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Mercury Removal

Mercury, the primary ingredient that makes up amalgam fillings, is actually the most toxic, non-radioactive, naturally-occurring substance on our planet. It has been conclusively shown that mercury gas leaks out of these amalgam fillings, especially when eating or drinking certain foods, funneling minute amounts of deadly poison directly into the rest of your body. The particles can affect you through your lungs, saliva and directly through your oral tissues. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no such thing as a safe amount of mercury.

BioDentist follows the strictest level of protocols and leverages the latest, most effective tools to safely remove amalgam fillings, minimizing any potential for mercury exposure during and after the procedure.

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Dental Implants

Teeth can come out for a wide variety of reasons, including infection, disease, and trauma. When this happens, it affects more than just the way you look; it can also negatively impact the alignment of your remaining teeth and the performance of the chewing system as a whole. When a tooth is extracted for any reason, the safest and most effective way to recover optimal cosmetics and functionality of your mouth is through a high quality dental implant.

A well-made dental implant feels almost exactly like the tooth it is replacing, offering a completely natural look and performance that is on par with the original tooth. It requires the same hygiene and maintenance as any other tooth in your mouth, and there are bone health benefits that can’t be achieved with bridges or dentures. At BioDentist, we use the finest materials proven fully biocompatible to ensure longevity of the implant and safety for the patient.

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Full Mouth Restoration

BioDentist provides full mouth restoration because we recognize that true health is built from the ground up. Depending on your journey, you may have very little or relatively very much.  The process begins with a comprehensive exam that includes our 3D imaging process, and a review of your health records. Once we’ve assessed any problem areas, we can support the mouth and body in the removal of anything toxic, the replacement of dead tissues, and all necessary healing processes. All procedures are carefully sequenced with respect to nature so that the most biologically sound materials and protocols are used. 

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Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF supports a fast and thorough healing process after dental surgery. The process consists of extracting a small amount of the patient’s blood, which is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the blood, and activate it’s proteins and growth factors. These platelets are then injected into the targeted tissues during surgery, resulting in an accelerated rejuvenation of the damaged cells and the regeneration of new healthy cells.

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Technological advancements in the field of laser dentistry are ever-expanding. Originally, laser technology was used in the teeth cleaning procedure to provide a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums. Further advancements have resulted in laser technology being useful in the remediation of root canals, the treatment of gum diseases, the restoration or airway passages, and more. Lasers are less invasive than traditional tools, and promote faster healing from dental surgical procedures.

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Second opinion

Before you agree to any dental treatment, you may want to consider alternatives. As people gain consciousness around holistic health, they are coming to realize there exists a less painful, less invasive, and more effective approach to create the results they want. The BioDentist team is happy to provide greater insight into your issues, and the available solutions.

Whether you are local or international, we can guide you on making the right decision based on your health records and current circumstances. Our recommendation is based on decades of experience in the field of holistic and biological practice, and a continued study of the big picture of dentistry and health. 

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FDOJ (Cavitation) Remediation

FDOJ (fatty degenerative osteonecrosis and osteolysis of the jawbone), AKA NICO (neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) or IO (ischemic osteonecrosis), describes conditions where hollow spaces in the jawbone are hosting dead tissues. These pockets act as a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria because of their anaerobic conditions. The toxins these bacteria release contribute to chronic health conditions.

FDOJ most commonly occurs when teeth have been removed and the bone has not healed properly. For example wisdom teeth removal may produce FDOJ when circumstances for this procedure are not ideal.

At BioDentist, we can safely and effectively remove dead bone and decay of cavitations. Our biological imperative is to eliminate toxins and infections, and we help replace them with healthy tissues and biocompatible materials.

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Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

The human chewing system is not something most people spend much time contemplating, yet the majority of Americans suffer the consequences of misalignment. Chronic headaches, chipped or prematurely worn teeth, shoulder and upper back pain, bruxism (or the grinding of teeth)—all of these are clear symptoms of chewing system dysfunction.

Traditional methods typically treat your pain with prescription drugs, add veneers to chipped teeth and address grinding damage with night guards. Rather than just treat the symptoms, the BioDentist team helps you discover and treat the underlying cause. We’ll carefully evaluate chewing system alignment and examine all related systems, including jaw joints, facial bones, sinuses and cervical vertebrae. Once we’ve identified opportunities for optimal alignment, we’ll work with you to develop a custom treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.

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