A healthy biological terrain is the foundation of health and wellness

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If you go back in time and look at the concept of what Alfred Pischinger called the Basic Regulative System, or the extra-cellular matrix, you will begin to understand the concept of “homeostasis.” Homeostasis is the state of inner balance and stability maintained by the human body despite constant changes in the external environment.   Every bodily process involves keeping this balance by maintaining the milieu intrieur (interior environment), or what we call the “biological terrain”.

A healthy, resilient biological terrain is the foundation of health and wellness, and must be understood by all doctors and dentists in order truly help their patients. That’s our goal at BioDentist, to help your body achieve a state of homeostasis within yourself and with the world around you. Health and happiness doesn’t have to be that hard.

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John E. Augspurger, DDS

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