Dr Ralf Oettmeier, MD

Leading Physician and Medical Director, Departments Orthopaedics and Osteology, special Pain management, chronic Infections, Environmental Medicine — Alpstein Clinic

Dr. Ralf Oettmeier hails from Hirschberg/Saale, Switzerland. He obtained his medical degree from the Friedrich-Schiller-University (FSU) in Jena, Germany, graduating summa cum laude.

Following a residency at the Orthopedic Clinic of FSU Jena, Dr. Oettmeier spent the next 20+ years working in his own private outpatient department in Greiz, Germany, with a focus on reflex therapies (chirotherapy, acupuncture, neural therapy), homeopathy and special pain treatment.

He has been head physician at both the “Im Leben” Clinic in Greiz (the first certified hospital for biological medicine in Germany) and the Comprehensive Center for Biologic-Integrative Medicine and Dentistry at the Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland.

Dr. Oettmeier has dedicated himself to the international promotion and integration of holistic medicine through the advanced education of medical persons and interested laypeople – via seminars, presentations, and the creation of textbooks. His work focuses on biological cancer medicine and preventative medicine, further development of systemic procaine therapy, darkfield microscopy, quality management in biological medicine, integration of organ cell and stem cell treatment, and worldwide interdisciplinary cooperation.

Dr. Oettmeier is currently Head Physician of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland and President of IGIMP (Internationale Gesellschaft für Immunbiologie, Milieumedizin und Pleomorphologie – the International Society of Immunology, Milieu Medicine, & Pleomorphology).