Brandon Douglass

Business Development

I have always been deeply curious about life. My pursuit of performance and my passion for living fully has led me here.

After graduating from CU Boulder, but before working with HUH, I became a five time international champion in parkour. During this time I also co-created a renowned clothing brand, several world-class training facilities, and the world’s first parkour-based podcast.

As my search for wisdom and vitality continued, I aligned with the HUH Institute’s holistic and biological approach to healthcare. My wide range of developed at University and in the world of parkour helps me create the most simple, efficient, and enjoyable experience I can for members and guests of the HUH Institute.

  • Treating Patients as Individuals and their parts as a whole
    Back when I graduated from dental school and went into practice as a traditional, insurance-driven dentist, I thought the “holistic” approach was a radical idea. You see, in dental school we were taught “single tooth dentistry”, where a dentist would look in someone’s mouth and find something to fix, usually one tooth at a time.
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