Kaylee Keim

I carry a tradition of plant medicines in addition to preparing nourishment for the HUH team.

Sarah Tucker

My own personal health journey has skyrocketed since I started working here in 2014.

Desiree Mayberry

A motivated single mom who is constantly on the run so I really appreciate the time I get to smell the roses.

Alyse Shockey

I’ve been practicing Orofacial Myology since 2017, and am one of the foremost advocates for tongue, airway, and sleep health in the field of dentistry.

Courtney Tennant

I bring a biological approach to skincare with an understanding of how our skin health integrates with overall health.

Allyson Baker

Allyson is a visionary educator and holistic health practitioner whose dream has culminated in the Co-Founding of the HUH Institute.