Human Universal Education brings together actionable insights from a vast array of disciplines. At HUE, we magnetize and amplify the genius of a collective community of humans who align with our core mission of empowering sovereignty through a full spectrum of educational experiences.

We recognize that space and how it is consecrated is fundamental to the transmission, retention, and embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. With this in our hearts, we have primed HUE spaces consciously with beauty and functionality in order to nurture a myriad of learning possibilities for teachers like you.



Top floor

Infinity Room — 1265 ft²
Sky Deck — 625 ft²
HUE Dojo — 900 ft²
Men’s Room
Women’s Room
Horizon Room — 1000 ft²
Infinite Space — 2265 (both Horizon & Infinity Rooms)
HU3 — 3790 ft² (Entire top floor)
Totality — 5700 ft² (Entire HUE Campus)

Main Floor

HUE Center — 1000 ft²
Atrium — 985 ft²
HUE Suites breakout rooms
Vitality Circuit
Vitality Clinic — Skincare, Infusions


Fiber Internet

Lighting fast, reliable, and high bandwidth for live streaming.

Live streaming

Our hardwired internal and external streaming system features Black Magic Design's ATEM Mini. Connect to others on site or around the globe in real time at professional quality, with full broadcast studio capabilities.

Showers & locker rooms

Fully prepared for movement classes and practices.

Ample parking

Plenty of spots in our covered garage and overflow lot.

Healthy catering

Farm-to-table nutrition directly from our 100% organic permaculture gardens.

Outdoor spaces

Make use of our sky deck, atrium, gardens, and patio spaces.

Vitality Services

Exemplary biological clinic and circuit modalities on site at the HUH Institute.

Shoeless space

Promote grounded connections and cleanliness.

Health conscious environment

Non toxic materials and cleaning methods. Filtered & pH balanced drinking water.

COVID Conscious

We integrate safety into your event contract.


Our pricing structure is based on package rates. The more hours you purchase up front, the greater discount you will receive (up to 50% off!) Depending on your chosen block amount, you will have 6 months or 1 year to schedule your HUE programs. Rooms are booked for a minimum of 2 hours.

Are you looking to host your next movement series, embodiment workshop, teacher training, health conference, non-profit group*, or corporate health retreat? Follow the steps below to join our guild!

  • Take a look at the HUE Guiding Principles
  • Contact us through our program application form below.
  • Tour the HUE Spaces virtually or in person.
  • Once approved, we require every collaborator to become registered as a member of our Private Membership Association for a fee of $20.
  • Members gain access to reserve time/space through our scheduling portal.

Want to take a greater role in HUE events? Apply here to become an event steward, our work-trade partnership program where you can attend events at no extra cost.

*Discount rates available for registered Non-profit 501(c)3 groups.


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