Guiding Principles of HUE – Full Spectrum Learning. 


At HUE, we recognize that space acts as the third essential element to learning, in addition to the presence of teacher and student. Space and how it is both consecrated and upheld, is fundamental to the transmission, retention, and embodiment of knowledge and wisdom. 

We are actively and collectively creating a coherent container for full spectrum learning and the evolution of humanity. All humans who enter HUE will leave an impact and will be integral to the upliftment of consciousness within this space and beyond. We therefore expect all collaborators and humans who enter the HUE spaces to embody and uphold outstanding integrity, morality, honesty and respect.

We are a Private Membership Association, and therefore, all collaborators will be asked to join our PMA. We believe that health is ultimately each of our own responsibility, but we cannot powerfully potentiate our own health if we have not been given the educational tools to do so. We invite you to belong to our PMA so as to become empowered in uplifting sovereignty of health, for yourself, as well as those around you.

We request that all collaborators, guests, and stewards agree to the following guiding principles and directives while on HUE property.

  • HUE is located within the Human Universal Health Institute, a leading center for biological medicine with the ultimate mission to assist humans on their health journey for the fulfillment of their life’s purpose, the betterment of humanity, and the sustainability of our planet.
    • We therefore will only accept HUE collaborators who’s educational content and values resonate with our core mission, beliefs, and principles.
  • If accepted and entrusted with access to the building, we expect forthright honesty and integrity of both collaborators and guests in following directives laid out by HUE.  If we find that any of our rules have been violated, we hold the right to cancel future classes without refund. 
  • Optimal cleanliness of space is to be upheld. Upon exiting, all props and furniture are to be returned to their designated spots.
  • All education and activities conducted in HUE will be done so in a conscious manner. No smoking on premises, no illegal substances, no inebriation in any form.
  • Collaborators are responsible for costs of any damage to the property that may stem from your visit.
  • Shoes are to be removed and left in the atrium before entering the space. If you have a medical condition that requires you to wear shoes, please use foot coverings provided. 
  • No dragging of furniture across HUE floors.
  • If conducting event/class during normal business hours, please be mindful of patients in the rooms below HUE and the rest of the building. 
  • Soft drinks and other junk food are not allowed in HUE.

We envision this shared space as a channel through which consciousness and unique genius may thrive, for voices to be heard, and for coherent health to be reclaimed. We aim to create an abundantly dynamic environment for a myriad of learning possibilities where humans can ultimately come to learn about themselves and remember their innate sovereignty within the collective.