Root Cause: Documentary Screening

By April 17, 2019

June 5, 2019

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Human Universal Education Center

Join us in the Human Universal Education Center to watch Root Cause, an insightful & controversial documentary about a man’s health journey after recieving a root canal procedure. After the filml we will debrief and offer some real scientific backing from experts in Biological Dentistry.


“You’re going to need a root canal.”

Those seven little words rolled off the Dentist’s tongue so completely naturally, but trust me; there is nothing natural about a root canal.

After years of searching for cures to my chronic fatigue, panic attacks, anxiety and insomnia, I finally tracked down the root cause of the problem causing my health issues – A ROOT CANAL

A root canal is a so-called specialty procedure developed by dentists to save infected teeth. But as you’ll discover, it is so much more. 25 million are performed each year in the USA alone – and root canals are one of the root causes of cancer, heart disease, and chronic illness.

Root Cause is my extraordinary, personal journey of self-discovery set to send ripples through the dental profession and expose perhaps one of the world’s greatest medical industry cover-ups.