Rebirthing Movement Patterns – Expressive Feet = Sassy Spine

By July 16, 2018

March 5, 2019

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Human Universal Education Center - Denver, CO

A series with Kayla McGowan, a certified Rolfer, designed to improve postural alignment, increase body awareness and reduce chronic pain and tension due to poor posture!

Join us for the entire series, or drop-in as you can!

By tuning into the quality of your movement during daily life, you experience your body both practically, in terms of physical usage, and philosophically, as the expression of your being.

Posture is generated by movement; the way you move will change your posture. In these sequenced classes you will restore your body’s alignment.

This class will be easy, practical and fun and well as help develop:
โƒ Patience
โƒ Persistence
โƒ A more adaptive sense of humor

Kayla McGowan is a Certified Rolfer and Reiki Practitioner with Full Body Connection LLC. She thinks in a full, embodied, and connected way. Kayla thoughtfully guides people’s bodies to ease through support and adaptability. She has an eclectic background in Gymnastics, Yoga, and Rolfing with a broad scope of understanding the body.

Tue, March 5 – Expressive Feet = Sassy Spine
The miracle of our feet stimulates the spine. When our feet feel like a bed of rocks, our spine has a resembling impression. When we walk with our whole foot, the lid of our spine softens giving you the feeling of a wave like stride.

Cost: $25