Liberate Your Vitality — Liberate Yourself

By May 21, 2019

June 28, 2019

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Human Universal Education Center

Liberate Your Vitality is a biological health and freedom symposium with actionable insights to enliven human health. There are two distinct opportunities to experience education brought forth by world leaders in immunity, detoxification, microbiome balance, and biological oral health.

This opportunity is for individuals who want to

— Heal your gut, mouth, and skin

— Regulate and optimize your immune system

— Discover ways to relieve chronic symptoms and disease

— Balance your microbiome properly with nutrition and supplement

— Enjoy nourishing meals provided to exemplify vitality in nutrition

Who should attend?

— Anyone who want to gain biological wisdom from experts

— Those suffering from chronic disease and symptoms who are seeking informational tools for relief

— People looking to optimize their bodies for performance, vitality, and a more youthful life

Experience vitality

We delight in delicious farm-to-table, gluten-free, organic meals provided by the educational permaculture garden surrounding the HUH Institute. Event guests may also take advantage of our optional biological health and dental services. This event will cover some of the best practices for healing others, and also serves to enhance the vitality and well being of each attendee.

Intimate setting

Liberate Your Vitality is an intimate gathering. Our limited space ensures that we all have a more enriching learning experience and create strong connections. This event is great place to meet allies in the broad mission for healing.

About the HUH Institute

The Human Universal Health Institute is committed to providing you access to the world’s leading biological health experts, thought leaders, and biological dental and medical technology. Liberate Your Vitality is part of an ongoing, spirited conversation amongst these experts and world leaders. Together we transform the passive, isolated treatment of disease into an actively engaged pursuit of holistic vitality.