Ayurvedic Cleanse w/ Micah Springer

By September 27, 2019

October 29, 2019

6 PM - 8:30 PM

The Human Universal Education Center

Fall 2019

Fall is the optimal time to do a simple yet transformative cleanse, preparing the body-mind for the shift in seasons, assisting it in toning and detoxifying — both essential aspects of health and wellness.

We will meet in the Human Universal Education Center from 6:00pm-8:30pm for three separate Tuesday evenings — October 22, October 29th, and November 5th. Wear comfortable clothing, and bring healthy snacks if the time interferes with your dinner. Discover your true state as balance is restored and joy is reclaimed.

$200 first timers | $50 Returning cleansers

Meeting #1, October 22, 6-8:30PM:

Learn about cleansing and why it’s necessary. Understand what we’ll be eating and other ways to support the body-mind during the duration of the cleanse


Meeting #2, October 29, 6-8:30PM:

Begin the cleanse and deepen your understanding of your personal constitution.


Meeting #3, November 5, 6-8:30PM:

Discern whether or not to break the cleanse sustainably or to continue for increased healing effect.


We will focus on whole food, plant-based nutrition predominantly. All food allergies may be addressed and substitutions recommended.


An Ayurvedic Cleanse can…

  • Reconnect us to the natural world and its healing genius
  • Nurture an improved sense of energy and vitality
  • Engender a sense of lightness and enthusiasm for life
  • Support the maintenance of a healthy weight and healthy body image
  • Restore balance to the mind and the nervous system
  • Foster clarity in the mental, spiritual, and emotional spheres
  • Help recover each individual’s state of balance
  • Illuminate the effects of accumulated stress and provide preventative practices
  • Demonstrate how simplifying our lives & prioritizing health creates a sense of freedom


About Micah:

Micah Springer has been leading seasonal Ayurvedic cleanses since 2005. She simplifies and even demystifies ancient practices in order that the potent principles of India’s wisdom can be applied to our modern, often imbalanced lifestyles. Ayurveda is a living system which considers each person individually, prioritizing observance and responsiveness to the natural world, aligning with the healing intelligence which pervades it.