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The BioDentist Way™ Training 2024

The BioDentist Way™ is a foundational and comprehensive course in biological dentistry. Backed by the latest scientific research and forged from decades of experience, The BioDentist Way™ offers doctors and patients a path to safely, efficiently, and definitively deliver greater health outcomes.

Attendees will experience hands-on training with core therapies, take home practical resources to elevate their practice, and connect with a community of professionals to guide their next steps towards offering greater care.

Who is this training for?

The BioDentist Way™ is for any dentist, doctor, hygienist, dental assistant, or associated team member who is ready to offer greater solutions to their patients.

There is high demand of people seeking better health care than what is offered through traditional medicine and dentistry. Medical and dental professionals in traditional health care are equally fed up with an approach that does not offer meaningful or lasting results to so many of their patients.

A biological approach recognizes and reconnects the fragmented endpoints of conventional medicine into a clearer picture of health. Applying this understanding to the art of healing is the next step towards greater health and vitality for us all.

Whether you are an established dentist who already practices in a holistic or biological space, or completely new to the practice of biological dentistry, you will benefit greatly from this course.

Better still, every doctor has the opportunity to simultaneously educate their team on their unique roles in a biological dental practice, making the addition of biological methods and techniques even easier to deploy and build upon. We have cohorts for doctors, hygienists, dental assistants, and integrative care or administrative members of your team!

Your training educators

The BioDentist Way™ training was founded by Dr. John Augspurger, who is also the founder of the renowned BioDentist practice in Denver, and the Co-Founder of the Human Universal Health Institute. Dr. Augspurger recognized the shortcomings of traditional dentistry early on in his career, and has been practicing biologically since 1995. Dr. Augspurger has trained directly with several pioneers in biological dentistry and medicine, including the legendary Dr. Hal Huggins, renowned cardiologist and researcher Dr. Tom Levy, and Dr. Thomas Rau of Switzerland.

Dr. Judson Wall is widely renowned leader in the field of biological dentistry. Dr. Wall is the founder of Dental Solutions in Bountiful, Utah, and the creator of Holistic Dental Education. His programs are frequented by leading dentists, doctors, and teams who need to learn about the many facets of holistic dentistry, including dental lasers, cavitation and root canal remediation, and the use of ozone in dentistry.

Together, Dr. Augspurger and Dr. Wall represent an unparalleled amount of experienced and success in the burgeoning field of biological dentistry.

Why should I attend?

Traditionally practicing dentists and their patients are plagued by tools and methodologies that do not offer lasting solutions. The BioDentist Way™ offers a tip-of-the-spear approach that restores the missteps of traditional dentistry, and creates reliable, lasting, and powerful solutions. Dentists and teams have the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary leap forward for modern dentistry and medicine, and reap the rewards of being ahead of the curve. 

The BioDentist Way™ has been forged from decades of practice. Aspiring biological dentists need to absorb correct protocols, information, and hands-on training from experienced doctors like Dr. Augspurger and Dr. Wall. Through studying The BioDentist Way™, doctors can avoid years of trial and error and immediately start to build on lifetimes worth of experience and success. Without guidance, untrained dentists may even unwittingly cause harm to their patients.

You must approach holistic dentistry holistically. Without the context and vision provided by The BioDentist Way™, you can lose the forest for the trees and you may struggle to produce meaningful results in the dental chair. While it is necessary to learn specialized treatments like the dental ozone and laser therapies covered in this course, the greater value is understanding the biological terrain from a macro lens. From patient education, to office management, to equipment, you will take home the vision and resources you need to raise the bar in dental care.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s what human beings want, need, and deserve! People are waking up to the problems of traditional medicine and dentistry at an accelerating rate, and there is an incredibly high demand for doctors and dentists who can work in harmony with human biology rather than in opposition to it. The rewards of practicing biologically are profound. You will not only be meeting an abundance of patients, you will have the tools to truly help them heal themselves. We have seen over and over again how our approach can transform and even save lives, and we recognize that The BioDentist Way™ is part of a larger movement towards greater health for all. We are honored and excited to share journey with those who are ready.

Doctors will learn

— principles of biological dentistry
— what is unique about the mouth
— the mouth to body connection
— diagnosing conditions in the mouth
— the role of the extra cellular matrix
— creating conditions for bone healing & vitality
— how toxicity inhibits health
— the role of the gut & microbiome
— biologically sound protocols

Assistants will learn

— how to assist a biological dentist
— creating 3D cone beam images
— best practices for assistants
— differences from traditional dentistry
— introduction to the Fotona® laser
— supporting wounds and healing
— how to use ozone
— biostimulation (laser light therapy) fundamentals

Hygienists will learn

— tooth remineralization & nutrition
— custom treatment planning
— tooth meridians
— diode laser applications
— ozone applications
— microscopic analysis
— microbiome and salivary testing
— nervous system regulations

All participants will learn

— biological surgical interventions
— biocompatibility in the mouth
— biological dental implants
— scientific evidence and research
— fundamentals of ozone
— fundamentals of laser
— wound healing and bone regeneration
— patient education & empowerment
— role-specific best practices and tools
— integrating and protecting the body


16 C.E. credits 

This event is Sponsored by The Human Universal Health Institute & BioVital Health Clinic

What you will gain

— Your patients will benefit immensely from your understanding an integrative, biological approach.
Your practice will be empowered to better meet the incredible demand for biological dentistry.
— You will remain on top of the quickly changing environment of healthcare
— Learn to use platelet rich fibrin (PRF), ozone, dental lasers, and other foundational therapies to support patients in surgical interventions and restorative procedures including mercury amalgam removal, tooth extractions, cleanings, bite reconstruction, cavitation remediation, and more.
— In-depth understanding the root causes of dental diseases
— Refined protocols on how to bring patients out of disease and into vitality.

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Hourly Schedule


Pre Event Reception*

Meet and greet gathering for those arriving early. Exhibitors arrive and set up.

*Vitality services available at this time. Schedule yours with event coordinator.

FRIDAY SEPT 27 8am - 9am

Breakfast & Introductions

Sponsored by the HUH Institute

9am - 12:30pm

The BioDentist Way™

John Augspurger, DDS
Judson Wall, DDS

12:30pm - 1:30pm


Thanks to sponsors

1:30pm - 5pm

Ozone training

Doctors' training led by John Augspurger, DDS
Assistants' training led by Carroll Hale

5pm - 6pm

Group discussion Q & A

Includes a message from our sponsors

SATURDAY SEPT 28 8am - 8:30am

Breakfast Day 2

Sponsored by the HUH Institute

8:30am - 12pm

The BioDentist Way™

John Augspurger, DDS
Judson Wall, DDS

12pm - 1pm


Thanks to sponsors

1pm - 4:30pm

Laser training

Doctors' training led by Judson Wall, DDS
Assistants' training led by Tiffany Layland, CDA

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Conclusion + Q & A


Dr John Augspurger DDS

Co-Founder of the HUH Institute

Dr Judson Wall DDS

Founder of Dental Solutions, Utah.

Tiffany Layland CDA

Dental Assistant

Carroll Hale

Dental Assistant

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