Digestive system diseases treatment in Denver, Colorado


Digestive system diseases

Understand, target, and heal digestive system diseases using your innate vitality and a biological approach.

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Feel vital

Digestive health relates directly to your energy levels, hydration, When you are properly nourished and no longer burdened by toxins, you invariably create more energy to enjoy living.

Eliminate discomfort

Excess gas, foul odors, irregularity, and so many other uncomfortable and unnecessary conditions can be dissolved with proper digestive care.

Gain clarity

Your microbiome regulates brain activity, mood, and decision making. Detoxifying and restoring the gut is crucial for optimal performance of your mind.

Sleep and recover better

Digestive system diseases affect your immune function and your entire parasympathetic nervous system. Both are inextricably linked with your body’s ability to heal and rest effectively.

We transform lives.

Our approach was forged in the crucible of world-class dental care at BioDentist. As such, we can not only offer literal end-to-end care of your holistic health, we offer the most powerful and effective tools available. Colonics, detoxification protocols, and vitality treatments connect to create a healthy digestive tract.

How to improve your digestive health?

Colon Hydrotherapy

Clearing and cleaning your body’s drain is imperative for your detoxification processes and immune function. The restorative hydration of these internal tissues engages a healthy elimination response.

Rectal Ozone

Eliminate and heal tissues using the powerful pathogen destroying and oxygenating properties of this miracle molecule. Typically administered as an addition to colon hydrotherapy.

Probiotic implant

For those with a damaged microbiome lacking key probiotic bacteria, an implant helps to restore a healthy inner ecosystem that better regulates digestion, mood, and immunity.

Meet our Colon Hydrotherapist

My passion for holistic and over a decade of nursing experience brought me to BioVital as the director of nursing. Not long after my arrival, I learned of the importance and effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy and became an I-ACT certified Colon Hydrotherapist. I am inspired by the transformations I sees in patients each day and how colonics support the immune system in its natural and brilliant design.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy or a ‘colon cleanse’, is the administration of water into the large intestine. This gentle internal flushing of the colon assists in loosening and eliminating stagnant fecal matter and toxins from the body.

Our closed system and single use sterile tools protect you and your practitioner from contamination and odor.

In a session, there can be several gallons of water released in intervals gauged by client comfort. Gentle abdominal massage may also be used to facilitate the cleansing and release process.

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Rectal Ozone Therapy

Rectal Ozone insufflation supports the elimination of pathogens in the colon and the health of all surrounding tissues. The oxygenative properties of ozone create overall benefits to your oxygen levels and the sterilizing properties further assist your immune functions.

Ozone is a safe, easy, and effective way to produce antioxidant and immune support throughout the body. We recommend this treatment be received immediately after a standard colon hydrotherapy treatment to receive maximum benefits.

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Probiotic implant

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are essential for a healthy gut. Healthy gut flora is vital for normal healthy digestion, absorption of nutrients, and disposal of toxins that can come from a poor diet or other unhealthy choices.

By introducing healthy bacteria directly to the colon, you circumvent destructive stomach acids and achieve greater absorption and effectiveness than probiotics delivered orally.

A probiotic implant can bring your ‘gut garden’ back to a healthy state and repair damage done from poor diet, antibiotics, or other factors.

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