Holistic Treatment for Dental Conditions

Holistic Treatments for Dental Conditions Offer a Rejuvenating Approach

Addressing the Following Conditions:

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Gum Disease

Root Canals

FDOJ (Cavitation) Remediation

Tooth Aches

Mercury Amalgam

Detection of Health Issues

​​Dental conditions and diseases

A holistic practice allows us to approach the full range of dental conditions using fundamental principles of biological medicine. The process is relatively simple: Remove anything toxic, replace dead tissues with biologically compatible materials, and support your innate healing to create a beautiful, healthy mouth. Here are some of the common problems we address:

Restored Healthy Teeth

When your teeth feel strong and look healthy, it provides you with a strong sense of relief knowing your dental health is reflective of the vitality you’re experiencing.


Our smile tells a story about how we feel about ourselves. When you and your teeth are healthy, you are far more likely to exude your natural confidence.


Over a lifetime, a biological approach that strikes at the root will save you from recurring and unnecessary dental procedures and repairs.   

Better Health

Your entire experience of life is enhanced when you understand your biology and care for your mouth properly. 

We transform lifes.

Our approach is conscious of the connection between mouth and body, and our methods have changed the dental dental health of patients worldwide.  You may be amazed at what happens when we create the proper conditions for the mouth and the body to thrive. Direct benefits of our holistic approach include the following:

​​How to improve your
dental health?

As part of our mission, we seek to educate all prospective patients on the value of maintaining great dental health. Below are some ways you can approach your mouth holistically.

Dental Ozone Therapy

Ozone’s ability to safely disinfect tissue and encourage regeneration is unparalleled. Far safer and more effective than oral antibiotics, BioDentist Ozone Therapy has the power to do more than just halt decay, it can actually speed healing and reverse tooth damage. 

Second opinion

If you have questions about any recommended treatments or procedures, we are happy to provide greater insights into your condition, and show you the best options available to you.

3D Cone-beam X-ray imaging

In order to correctly diagnose and treat your dental health, you must have a three-dimensional rendering of your mouth. Soft tissue complications cannot hide from this imaging process, ensuring you discover and properly treat all problem areas. 

Root Canal Remediation

As there is no known way to fully sterilize a tooth, root canals end up creating a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. These infections then contribute to serious chronic conditions by contaminating your bloodstream and taxing your immune system. At BioDentist, we identify and treat all infections using sound biological protocols that restore vitality to your mouth and body.

Mercury Removal

The process for removing mercury fillings must be approached carefully to minimize any risk of exposure to the poisonous metal. BioDentist follows the strictest level of protocols and leverages the latest, most effective tools to safely remove mercury fillings.

Dental Implants

Dental implants made with biologically compatible materials offer you a chance to address cosmetic and dental issues with minimal need for future treatments.

Mouth restoration

Chronic dental issues can have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being. A holistic mouth restoration can leave your mouth feeling strong and healthy.


Our use of natural Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) supports the healing process associated with major dental surgical procedures such as extractions and restorations.


Laser technology has incredible applications in dentistry now for surgical procedures and dental hygiene.

Meet our Dentist

Dr. John Augspurger, DDS is one of the founders at the HUH Institute. With decades of valuable experience as a biological dentist, Dr. John has established himself in Denver, Colorado as one of the leading holistic dental health specialists.

Mercury Fillings

Mercury, the primary ingredient that makes up amalgam fillings, is actually the most toxic, non-radioactive, naturally-occurring substance on our planet. Mercury gas leaks out of these amalgam fillings, especially when eating or drinking certain foods, and pumps this deadly poison into the rest of your body. The World Health Organization recognizes that there is no such thing as a safe amount of mercury. Amalgam fillings must be removed for optimal health.

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Root Canal Remediation

Mercury, the primary ingredient that makes up amalgam fillings, is actually the most toxic, non-radioactive, naturally-occurring substance on our planet. It has been conclusively shown that mercury gas leaks out of these amalgam fillings, especially when eating or drinking certain foods, funneling minute amounts of deadly poison directly into the rest of your body. The particles can affect you through your lungs, saliva and directly through your oral tissues. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is no such thing as a safe amount of mercury.

BioDentist follows the strictest level of protocols and leverages the latest, most effective tools to safely remove amalgam fillings, minimizing any potential for mercury exposure during and after the procedure.

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FDOJ (Cavitation) Remediation

FDOJ (fatty degenerative osteonecrosis and osteolysis of the jawbone), AKA NICO (neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) or IO (ischemic osteonecrosis), describes conditions where hollow spaces in the jawbone are hosting dead tissues. These pockets act as a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria because of their anaerobic conditions. The toxins these bacteria release contribute to chronic health conditions.

FDOJ most commonly occurs when teeth have been removed and the bone has not healed properly. For example wisdom teeth removal may produce FDOJ when circumstances for this procedure are not ideal.

At BioDentist, we can safely and effectively remove dead bone and decay of cavitations. Our biological imperative is to eliminate toxins and infections, and we help replace them with healthy tissues and biocompatible materials.

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Dental Implants

Teeth can come out for a wide variety of reasons, including infection, disease, and trauma. When this happens, it affects more than just the way you look; it can also negatively impact the alignment of your remaining teeth and the performance of the chewing system as a whole. When a tooth is extracted for any reason, the safest and most effective way to recover optimal cosmetics and functionality of your mouth is through a high quality dental implant.

A well-made dental implant feels almost exactly like the tooth it is replacing, offering a completely natural look and performance that is on par with the original tooth. It requires the same hygiene and maintenance as any other tooth in your mouth, and there are bone health benefits that can’t be achieved with bridges or dentures. At BioDentist, we use the finest materials proven fully biocompatible to ensure longevity of the implant and safety for the patient.

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Functional Aesthetic Dentistry

The human chewing system is not something most people spend much time contemplating, yet the majority of Americans suffer the consequences of misalignment. Chronic headaches, chipped or prematurely worn teeth, shoulder and upper back pain, bruxism (or the grinding of teeth)—all of these are clear symptoms of chewing system dysfunction.

Traditional methods typically treat your pain with prescription drugs, add veneers to chipped teeth and address grinding damage with night guards. Rather than just treat the symptoms, the BioDentist team helps you discover and treat the underlying cause. We’ll carefully evaluate chewing system alignment and examine all related systems, including jaw joints, facial bones, sinuses and cervical vertebrae. Once we’ve identified opportunities for optimal alignment, we’ll work with you to develop a custom treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.

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TMJ disorders can be very painful. Though the causes are not always easy to identify, our holistic approach provides minimally invasive and maximally permanent solutions from a comprehensive analysis of your skeletal structures, airway passages, and bite pattern. 

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Tooth pain

Dealing with a chronic toothache or tooth pain detracts from the quality of one’s life. To recover the vitality of a tooth, we must listen to the signals it’s giving us, and interpret them correctly. Through careful study, we can save teeth from extraction and regenerate the life of your teeth and the corresponding joy associated with greater health. 

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Bad breath

Halitosis or bad breath is a condition that affects a large part of the population. Through better education on the causes and solutions to this ailment, we’ll help patients eliminate these undesirable conditions and keep them from returning.

Bleeding gums

Bleeding gums can be quite disturbing and painful, and usually point towards greater concerns. Whether you are suffering from gingivitis, poor dental hygiene, bad gut health, poorly fitted dental implants/dentures/bridges, or from flossing and brushing too vigorously, we’ll help you identify the problem and create the best solution.

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Full Mouth restoration

BioDentist provides full mouth restoration because we recognize that true health is built from the ground up. Depending on your journey, you may have very little or relatively very much.  The process begins with a comprehensive exam that includes our 3D imaging process, and a review of your health records. Once we’ve assessed any problem areas, we can support the mouth and body in the removal of anything toxic, the replacement of dead tissues, and all necessary healing processes. All procedures are carefully sequenced with respect to nature so that the most biologically sound materials and protocols are used. 

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