The Vitality Circuit at the Human Universal Health Institute

Optimize conditions for vitality, improve health, and eliminate toxins.

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The Vitality Circuit™

Toxicity is rampant

Pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful toxins permeate our food, water, and air each day. Without regular detoxifying practices, toxicity can accumulates in the body and contribute to countless diseases and illnesses.

Health is a Verb

The Vitality Circuit™ is a series of cutting edge modalities designed to support your body from the micro to the macro. Detoxify your body, activate your innate resilience, and optimize your responsiveness with oxygen, vibration, light, and electromagnetism.

Salt Cave Halotherapy

Our halotherapy salt room comprises floor to ceiling himalayan salt, which opens respiratory pathways, improves immune responses and helps create more mental alertness and energy.

Infrared Sauna

Full spectrum infrared wavelengths heat your cells from the inside our to assist in the removal of harmful toxins, improve immune responses, and stimulate cell growth.

Ozone Sauna

Ozone has amazing oxygenating and anti-pathogenic properties. Our ozone sauna combines ozone therapy and steam to simultaneously oxygenate and detoxify your skin.

Extreme 02

Dynamic cardio protocols are combined with pure oxygen to create better breathing, improved circulation, as well as improved muscle and digestive function.

Vibration plate

Stepping onto the vibration plate serves to increase lymph flow and is an effective supplement to all circuit modalities. It’s designed to initiate movement of the interstitial fluid that carries toxins and other waste materials out of the body. 

PEMF Therapy

Exposure to wifi, 5G, and other electromagnetic interferences will disturb our cellular functions.

Pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF therapy, helps recover a state of coherence and homeostasis in your body’s electrical signature.

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Meet our Vitality Specialist

Dr. Nancy Taylor

BioVital Program Director

I have worked with HUH since 2018 in supporting BioVital members in accessing optimal coherent care. Part of my work is to educate and coach members on the biologic systems that affect their intrinsic health.

On a daily basis I am inspired by what a miracle it is to be alive. I love the science of life and bringing context to the paradigm we all live in so that members can take charge of their health.

The Vitality Circuit™ at the HUH Institute

At the Human Universal Health Institute in Denver Colorado, we are dedicated to the use of naturally holistic treatments to help improve your overall health and well-being.

BioVital’s Vitality Circuit™ offers a menu of modalities to address health issues that may manifest in your skin health, mental acuity, blood circulation, breathing, and/or digestive processes.

Along with the vitality experiences we provide, we educate our members on how they can optimize their bodies at home and throughout their lives.

Vitality Circuit

The Vitality Circuit™ refers to a series of holistic treatments, modalities, and services that work to activate the autonomic nervous system. The results include improved immune system function, digestive function, blood circulation, cell regeneration, lymph flow, mental/emotional health, and sleep.

The circuit is designed to combine several modalities in a two hour period for maximum benefit, though we also offer the circuit services a la carte.

Improved Immune System

When your immune system is functioning optimally, you are equipped to best go about your life without worrying about constant interaction with viruses, bacteria, and toxins.

Improved Blood Circulation

When your body’s blood flow is regulated, you heal quicker, think better, and your organs are vibrant and healthy.

Improved Energy Levels

Lethargy and fatigue are considered many people’s norm. When your energy levels are consistent and regulated, you are able to perform and live life more optimally.

Improved Mental Health

Vitality and coherence go hand in hand. Coherence refers to a quality of coordination between body systems and mind, and is a sign of good health. When you are in a vital state, you are far less likely to experience depression and anxiety.

We transform lives.

Human longevity and quality of life are directly tied to our health. By honoring your individual health journey, we are able to provide coherent care and support you in reaching your greatest vitality.

We will work with the natural functioning of your biology, and help you create lasting health sovereignty.

Salt Cave Halotherapy

For centuries, the healing properties of salt have been documented as a natural antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory substance. As you spend time in our Salt Room, salt vapors act to improve skin conditions like psoriasis or dermatitis, and respiratory conditions like asthma, sinusitis, or bronchitis. Pairing the salt room with guided breathwork helps to repattern negative breath habits and amplifies this therapy.

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Infrared Sauna

This powerful therapy supports the growth of new cells, increases your immune system response, and even repairs damaged tissues including your muscles and skin. Our infrared sauna stimulates a deep, detoxifying sweat, and promotes circulation, relaxation, and pain relief.

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Ozone Sauna

Our ozone sauna therapy offers you another opportunity to detoxify. Ozone’s extra oxygen atom invigorates your skin to produce healthy new cells while simultaneously destroying unwanted pathogens in and on your skin. Supporting your skin naturally supports related organs like your kidneys and liver, as well as your entire overall well-being.

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Live 02

Our Live O2 system uses pure oxygen protocols to boost your innate capacity to absorb and retain oxygen at the cellular level. These protocols produce a plethora of positive benefits, including better brain function, a stronger immune system, greater resilience to toxicity in the environment, increased fitness and cardiovascular health, increased mental acuity, and better energy levels.

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Our vibration plate jiggles your body in order to maximize your lymph flow. Your lymphatic system is your primary network of elimination pathways, and is responsible for carrying toxicity and waste to your body’s exits. Activating your lymph system with vibration is a powerful way to shake loose toxins in hard to move areas, relieve myofascail tension, and optimize your body for other detox modalities.

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PEMF Therapy

Earth, and every living thing on it produces an electromagnetic field. Many things can disturb these energetic patterns, including modern technologies like computers, cellular towers, power lines, and others.

Interferences disrupt our cellular communication and the regulation of our bodily functions including sleep, energy, hormones, and brain function.

Pulse electromagnetic field therapy uses earth’s natural electromagnetic frequencies to stimulate and harmonize your cells for optimal healing and performance. Because this modality promotes circulation and initiates a powerful parasympathetic response, it is effective in treating localized injuries, inflammation, as well as anxiety. 

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