Holistic Solutions for Chronic Disease

The Human Universal Health Institute has integrative treatments and modalities that help enliven health and combat the development of chronic disease.

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Heart Disorders

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​​Chronic diseases
and conditions

The prevalence of chronic diseases and conditions today corresponds with both the increased toxicity and the decreased nourishment common in modern civilization.

Our food is grown in soils stripped of the beneficial bacteria and vital minerals which support healthy life. Our water, earth, and air are simultaneously being polluted with industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and pesticides. While we can observe a significant rise in consciousness around more sustainable farming and industrial standards, the majority of the momentum has yet to shift away from destructive practices.

The unforeseen detriment of our contemporary norms reaches intimately into our diet, household products, and even the narrative around such topics. The result is the exacerbation of many chronic ailments and conditions like the following:

Healthier Lifestyle

When your body is operating at optimal levels, you tend to take better care of yourself by focusing on lifestyle choices that are instrumental to deter chronic health conditions.

Improved Immunity

When your vessel is clean, you will find it much easier for your body to fight off pathogens.

Improved Confidence

Feeling good physically tends to permeate all aspects of life. Often leaving one empowered to do more things, with more confidence.

Less Reactivity

Coherence is a sign of good health and is characterized as a state of being when our body is working in harmony. Coherence means that we are more present, less reactive to negative and irksome things in our environment and day, and can approach our relationships with greater understanding and appreciation.

We transform lifes.

No matter what you have going on with your body, when given the right tools, anyone can recover greater vitality. We are here to help you improve your health with education to better understand your own body, and holistic treatment options that include natural products, and the use of modern technology. Here are some benefits that can be experienced:

​​How to improve your
overall health?

If you are ready to take responsibility over your health, consider working with us on one or more of the following holistic treatment options.

Colon Hydrotherapy

As a process, colon hydrotherapy will help remove toxins from your lower intestines while improving your digestive health in the process.

Rectal Ozone

Rectal ozone treatment acts to reduce inflammation and kill pathogens in your digestive system.

Probiotic implants

A probiotic implant helps your body outcompete harmful bacteria, and restore balance of your microbiome for better overall health.

Triple Shot IV Infusion

A triple shot is a type of IV therapy that uses a combination of UVB light, ozone, and high dose vitamin C. The combination of these therapies work together to boost the immune system and aid in the healing process.

Yogic Breathwork Session

Learn powerful breathing exercises that have been used for thousands of years to increase lung capacity, decrease toxins, and increase nervous system balance. 

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A style of bodywork that helps rebalance the spine, decrease neuro-inflammation and toxicity, release muscle tension and stress. 

PEMF therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) uses electronic impulses to increase cellular communication and activation for the purpose of supporting the healing process and circulation.

Extreme 02

By flushing the system with high levels of pure oxygen, this modality enables detoxification of harmful toxins by way of the lungs and pores.

Halotherapy Salt Room

Halotherapy involves breathing in dry salt particles in a microclimate environment and helps improve resilience and function of the respiratory system.

Lymphatic vibration

Lymphatic vibrations cause increased interstitial flow that aids in moving out harmful waste particles from the body.

Far Infrared Sauna

While heat opens skin pores, infrared light serves to promote greater healing, cell growth, blood circulation, and the reduction of body inflammation.

Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy

Ozone and steam helps to improve circulation and promote the removal of toxins from the body.

Meet our founder

We would like to introduce Dr. John Augspurger, Co-Founder of the HUH Institute, and President & Founder at BioDentist. Dr. Augspurger has practiced the power of biological healthcare for more than thirty years. John has witnessed time and again how a holistic approach can address the failings of traditional medicine, and has made it his mission to support humans in recovering the vitality they seek. The methodologies found at BioDentist and the HUH Institute work to create amazing results in anyone from the professional athlete to the great grand parent.

Heart Disease

There are a lot of reasons why people can fall victim to heart disease. The causes can range from genetics all the way up to environmental issues. The list of heart diseases can encompass arterial issues, heart rhythm issues, heart-swelling, high blood pressure, valve problems, and heart failure. 

Chronic Fatigue / Low energy

If you are feeling tired all the time, you might be suffering from chronic fatigue. This kind of condition can last a lifetime if left untreated, and is commonly characterized by symptoms like lack of concentration, inability to sleep properly, low energy levels, and loss of enjoyment. The causes of this condition are often unknown.

Arthritis / Joint pain / Back pain

When you encounter chronic pain issues in your joints, it can become very painful and debilitating. The cause can come from as many different health conditions. The symptoms include stiff joints, swelling of tendons and ligaments, and the degeneration of discs in the back and neck.

Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation problems are characterized by the swelling of joint tissues, joint stiffness, and joint/muscle fatigue as well as inflammation in other parts of the body. Causes often include lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking, blood disorders, lack of exercise, exposure to dangerous toxins and bacteria, stress, obesity, allergies, and exposure to air pollutants.

Overweight / Obesity

The human body may begin to carry excess weight if it becomes overwhelmed with toxins in the diet or environment. This extra stored weight puts additional strain on the heart and contributes to all kinds of other health conditions including high blood pressure, breathing issues, sleeping problems, digestive problems, muscle deterioration, and joint degeneration.

Sugar Cravings

Sugar addiction is prevalent in our culture.  While there is a psychological component to these cravings, there are also health conditions that can cause people to want/need sugar. The health causes can include digestive problems, poor sleeping habits, low energy levels, stress and depression, and the lack of proper nutrition.


This is a health condition that affects millions of Americans. Diabetes affects the way the body breaks down and uses blood sugar or glucose. When the body struggles to do this properly, it can result in high levels of sugar in the blood. This can in turn cause a lot of other health issues such as heart conditions, digestive problems, and urinary issues.

Low / High Blood Pressure

While low blood pressure is generally better than high blood pressure, it can cause health problems for some people. When someone is not getting an adequate supply of blood to their brain, it can result in dizziness and fainting spells. If the condition becomes severe, it can become life-threatening.

Poor Immunity

People with a poor immunity system have difficulty fighting off viruses, diseases, and infections. The symptoms of a poor immune system are chronic fatigue, the common occurrence of colds and flu, stomach and digestive issues, difficulty dealing with stress, and the slow healing of wounds.