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BioVital Vitality Circuit

The Vitality Circuit uses state-of-the-art modalities for breath, sweat, movement, grounding, and restoration to activate and renew your body’s natural detox pathways and autonomic nervous system (ANS). The stimulation of these innate systems makes your body more resilient and responsive. This translates into improved energy, better mood, and feeling more vitality in everyone–from those overcoming a serious disease or health condition, to performance athletes seeking an edge in optimization.

Circuit modalities include:  Extreme Oxygen Bike, Ozone Steam Sauna, Far Infrared Sauna, Pulse magnetics (PEMF), Salt Room (Halo Therapy) and Movement Room.

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Build resilience.

When your lungs are emptied of stale air and filled to capacity with pure oxygen, each system in the body is able to perform more efficiently. An oxygenated brain thinks better, muscles move better, intestines digest better, blood pumps better. Oxygen is the foundation of life. Our Extreme Oxygen bike allows you to target and enhance your natural ability to breathe better on a cellular level. 


Reduce stagnation.

Our bodies are made to move. Invert, zig-zag, get angular. Spread your arms, let loose and wiggle. Movement is critical for your limbs, spine, and core. Move that lymph and let toxins drain, creating space for nutrients and your body to thrive.


Release toxins.

Toxins can be eliminated when your pores are opened with heat. Stimulate your lymphatic, immune, and cardiovascular systems while removing toxins to increase relaxation and reduce pain. Target your body’s deeper detox spectrum using infrared sauna, and use ozone sauna therapy to eliminate and replace surface toxins with healing oxygen. 


Align with Earth’s frequency.

The Earth is alive and so are you. When we are constantly surrounded by cell phones and computers, our body’s electromagnetic field can deviate from the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency. This can cause our sleep pattern to be disrupted. We use pulse magnetic therapy (PMT) to alleviate your stress response and reclaim your sense of balance. 


Revive mind, body and spirit.

Placing the body in a negative-ion rich salt particle microclimate opens respiratory pathways and stimulates the immune system. Take a step inside our Himalayan Salt Cave and experience deep relaxation. Be mindful, be present, and allow yourself to transform from the inside out.

The Autonomic Nervous System – Your Body’s Regulatory System 

Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) includes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which work together to regulate the internal organs and glands of your body such as the liver, kidneys, stomach, colon, pancreas, small intestine, and adrenal glands.

Body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, hormone levels and more are kept in balance through your ANS. Poor function of the ANS can increase risk for chronic stress, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other chronic illness. When your ANS is functioning at an optimal level, the body feels balanced and is able to perform at its best.

Because the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are meant to work together, the Vitality Circuit works out both of them AT THE SAME TIME through the circuit modalities. Each enhances the responsiveness of the overall autonomic nervous system and provides greater resilience to challenges that come our way each day.

The parasympathetic system is particularly important in this day and age of stress. Healing, sleep, digestion, immune function all occur in the parasympathetic state. That’s why people who are chronically stressed experience difficulty sleeping, digestive issues and get sick more often. The Vitality Circuit simultaneously strengthens your parasympathetic system and improves the responsiveness of the sympathetic system.

Discover Your Vitality

One of our Circuit Coaches will work with you to help you decide the order of the modalities that will best help you reach your goals. Each Circuit takes about 2 hours to complete.

The BioVital Vitality Circuit is open Monday – Thursday 8 am to 8 pm and Fridays 9 am to 2 pm.  Saturdays scheduled by appointment.

2-hour Circuit:  $125

Call now to schedule your Circuit.  Spaces are limited.


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