We live in a toxic world.

Pesticides and preservatives permeate our food, heavy metals and toxins poison our water, and pollutants pervade the air we breathe. Without a regular detox practice, excess toxins will accumulate in your body. As your toxic load increases, so do risks of stress, anxiety, and chronic disease.

You hold the power to create, sustain, and restore your health. Are you ready to wield it?

Health is a verb. Act now.


The Vitality Circuit supports your body in its detoxification, stress management, lymph movement, performance optimization, and more. Feel the impact of adding vitality to your life.


Build Resilience

When your lungs are emptied of stale air and filled to capacity with pure oxygen, each system in the body is able to perform more efficiently. An oxygenated brain thinks better, muscles move better, intestines digest better, blood pumps better. Oxygen is the foundation of life. Our Extreme Oxygen bike allows you to target and enhance your natural ability to breathe better on a cellular level.


Align cells

The Earth is alive and so are you. When we are constantly surrounded by cell phones and computers, our body’s electromagnetic field can deviate from the Earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency. This can cause our sleep pattern to be disrupted. We use pulse magnetic therapy (PMT) to alleviate your stress response and reclaim your sense of balance.


Break Stagnation

Our bodies are made to move. Invert, zig-zag, get angular. Spread your arms, let loose and wiggle. Movement is critical for your limbs, spine, and core. Move that lymph and let toxins drain, creating space for nutrients and your body to thrive.


Thrive in community

Want to meet other amazing humans creating vitality in their lives? Do you have friends who strive to improve their health?

Members of the vitality circuit gain access to open circuits, where friends rejuvenate together, share strategies, and support each other's progress.


Release toxins

Toxins can be eliminated when your pores are opened with heat. Stimulate your lymphatic, immune, and cardiovascular systems while removing toxins to increase relaxation and reduce pain. Target your body’s deeper detox spectrum using infrared sauna, and use ozone sauna therapy to eliminate and replace surface toxins with healing oxygen.


Revive energy

Placing the body in a negative-ion rich salt particle microclimate opens respiratory pathways and stimulates the immune system. Take a step inside our Himalayan Salt Cave and experience deep relaxation. Be mindful, be present, and allow yourself to transform from the inside out.

Schedule your introductory circuit

Schedule a trial circuit immediately using our booking calendar. You may also call or email us below to learn more, schedule a booking, or become a BioVital member. This complementary offer is valued at $175, and is available to first-time circuit users only. 

Vitality Membership

Take the proactive approach to health and stay vital!


$ 225 Monthly
  • 1 Coached Circuit / month
  • 2 Open Circuits / month
  • 10% Off Supplements


$ 495 Monthly
  • 1 Coached Circuit / month
  • 4 Open Circuits / month
  • 15% Off Supplements


$ 650 Monthly
  • 1 Coached Circuit / month
  • Unlimited Open Circuits
  • 20% Off Supplements
  • 3 Clinical Services* / month

Single Sessions

If you are not a recurring Vitality Member, you may still schedule single coached or open circuits.

To schedule an open circuit, you must have first completed at least one guided introductory circuit.