BioVital is a full-service, full spectrum biological health clinic and vitality circuit in Denver, Colorado. At the heart of BioVital, we believe that health is a verb. It represents an active, engaged journey that starts with your inquiry into the truth and is fulfilled though a plan of action to vitality and your personal commitment to achieving it. It’s also a measure of your body’s capacity for resilience and responsiveness, which ultimately defines your ability to enjoy every aspect of life and live it to the fullest.

Vitality Circuit

Our Vitality Circuit is a state-of-the-art detox health circuit put together to work and support every part of your body while mitigating your toxic load, helping you achieve a strong state of health, happiness and vitality. Much more than just a random collection of one-off exercises, the Vitality Circuit thoughtfully combines cutting-edge equipment, oxygen therapies, light therapies, the magnetic power of the earth and more to support detoxification across your body’s natural pathways. Breathe it out, sweat it out, and work it out with the BioVital Vitality Circuit.

BioVital Clinic

Membership in the BioVital community means that you belong to a MOVEMENT, A different paradigm. Our purpose is to tap into your motivation, stimulate your system and excite your body into action, but success requires that you bring your full self and fully engage every aspect of your being. Vitality is a lifelong practice, one that requires a shift in the way you live your life and view the world around you. Set up an appointment today and let’s work together to create a custom-built vitality plan that takes every aspect of your life into account. And join the local biological community that values health the same way that you do.

Give the gift of health, vitality and love.

BioVital gift cards are good for our full range of products and services, including our Vitality Circuit, BioSkin Spa treatments, supplements, infusion therapy, colon hydrotherapy and more.*

*Select BioVital treatments and supplements require PMMA membership. Please call 303.333.9000 for details.

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