Health is a verb

Your vitality is a consequence of an active, engaged journey into the truth of your body’s resilient, responsive, and regenerative nature. BioVital was formed to provide a wide spectrum of actionable treatments and services for increased vitality, so that our members may enjoy healthier, fuller lives.

Our mission

The greatest impedance to our innate vitality is toxic load. Toxic load is the amount of detrimental substances that you encounter, which your body needs to process and eliminate. These pollutants often come directly from our food, water, air, and self care products. Worse, daily routines can leave us with little time or energy to exercise our natural elimination pathways. As we allow toxins to accumulate and compound the damage, systems malfunction throughout the body, and eventually take on the forms of chronic disease, cancer, and other deadly phenomenon.

BioVital treatments and services help you flush out those toxins and bring forth your innate vitality and wellness.

Your body is a vessel.

Our bodies can only do so much to mitigate the exposure to toxins that permeate every aspect of our environment. Our physical container fills and overflows as our internal systems struggle to keep up. As toxins accumulate, our body loses its ability to absorb nutrients, expel toxins and function optimally.

BioVital Clinic offers the full spectrum of biologically-sound detox techniques and technologies designed to empty your vessel of all the bad stuff and fill you back up with the nutrients and supplements your body needs to survive and thrive.

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Vitality Opportunities

Vitality is a lifelong practice which may require a shift in the way you live your life and view the world around you—you must fully engage every aspect of your being. Our clinic services will help you do just that, tapping into your motivation, stimulating your system and exciting your body into action. Join the the local biological MOVEMENT that values health the same way that you do.

IV Infusions

Infusion Therapy

Vitality is about more than eliminating poisons. To be our best requires a quality supply of the essential building blocks of life. Infusion Therapy is safe, fast, and the most efficient method for delivering vitamins, minerals, activated oxygen, and nutrients to your body. Infusion therapy allows you to deliver precisely what your body needs, exactly where your body needs it. Our medical-grade formulas instantly boost recovery and create performance benefits for athletes and other active individuals .

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

A colon lined with toxic matter will fatigue your entire body, as the build up of unnatural substances taxes your immune system, and blocks nutrients from being properly absorbed. Poor colon maintenance can contribute to a wide range of chronic diseases, including colorectal cancer (the second leading cause of cancer death in the US). Colon hydrotherapy helps reset the health of your lower intestine, and reduces your toxic load.

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Vitality Circuit

Vitality Circuit

The Vitality Circuit is a series of cutting-edge modalities put together to work and support your body from the micro to the macro. Detoxify your body at the cellular level, and activate your natural resilience and responsiveness through a combination of oxygen, light, magnetic, salt, and sauna therapies.

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BioSkin services work to detoxify and beautify using the basic elements of life—earth, water, energy and light. Revitalize your skin and rejuvenate your ability to create a beautiful, clean, and harmonious boundary between your body and the environment around you. We use fully biological techniques, medical grade, organic ingredients, and the latest natural techniques for enhancing skin naturally.

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