Seeding the power of biological dentistry

BioLogic a 501(c)3 has launched a scholarship program to support aspiring biological dentists and dental professionals in accessing the education they need to make a difference.

We recognize the incredible need for dentists who are educated in biological healthcare, especially across communities who do not have the resources to access these trainings without support.

We are proud to partner with and fundraise for applicants to access a world class education in The BioDentist Way™ Training & Certification. To learn more about this training please follow this link.

Our mission at BioLogic is to bridge the gap between those who can afford biological dentistry and those who cannot. The more trained and certified biological dentists, the more available this health generating dentistry becomes.

Are you able and wanting to contribute to this mission? Your contribution will enable dentists who are aligned with our mission to join those already enlisted in furthering the biological healthcare revolution. All donations to BioLogic 501(c)3 are tax deductible.

Currently there several dental teams who have applied and who seek funding to participate in The BioDentist Way™ on October 27 and 28, 2023. Please consider your role in uplifting the biological healthcare revolution with us!

Thank you!

Barbara Jeans,

Executive Director, BioLogic

Discover more about the organizations at The HUH Institute

BioDentist provides complete care for patients seeking the best biological and most holistic solution to their dental health and overall vitality.

The BioVital vitality clinic empowers you to change your conditions, optimize your health, and reach your greatest vitality.

Our non-profit BioLogic 501(c)3 hosts a variety of educational events to help people heal, learn, and grow with healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, and educators from around the world.

We recognize that health and education walk hand in hand. We have created an educational platform to reflect this truth and ensure members have the greater access to vital information and the ability to share what they know with the world.

About our biological health center

The HUH Institute is an over 20,000 square foot campus featuring a world class Biological Dentistry practice, a cutting-edge vitality clinic, and a community of healers, educators, and members who come from around the world to generate vitality.

Organic permaculture gardens surround the building as a living embodiment and tribute to natural vitality. We invite you to discover how you can enhance your health using biologically sound treatments, practices, and services.