Denver’s Biological Healthcare and Education Center

Our country is in the midst of a health and education crisis. Traditional healthcare provides a different specialist for every part of our body, insurance companies act like our dental health exists in a vacuum, and mind and body are often treated like distinctly separate things.

At the Human Universal Health Institute, we understand that every aspect of your life is an integrated part of the whole that is you. Understanding how to effectively partner with your biology is key, but it’s just the beginning. Emotional wellness, spiritual wellbeing, the joy you feel on a daily basis—all of these elements play vitally important roles in the full range of human experience.

That’s what makes the Human Universal Health Institute so unique. We’re equally focused on our three pillars of healthcare, education and community, because it’s only through an integrative approach that you can achieve true holistic vitality.

At the Human Universal Health Institute, we empower you with the knowledge and provide you with the services necessary to optimize every aspect of your life.

Take a look at our living organization below, to see what areas interest you the most!

In health and happiness,

Allyson Baker
Co-Founder, Director of Education

Dr. John Augspurger
D.D.S. Co-Founder, Director of Health