A human health journey, for life

At the HUH Institute, we empower you with knowledge and experiences to optimize your health, enrich your experience of life, and create natural longevity.

The HUH Approach recognizes that health and education go hand in hand. With biological dentistry at the heart of what we do, we are recognized around the world as a leading holistic health center.

We are here to share everything we’ve learned, and provide access to coherent care.

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What is Human Universal Health?

Human universal health fundamentally is a recognition that we are both biological and universal beings. When we bring the laws of nature to bear in healthcare, vitality is a result.

Fundamentally, we cannot act differently until we can see it differently. If we cannot experience it differently, we cannot change the conditions.

It’s not that hard once you understand some very simple, natural truths.

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Our founders

Dr John Augspurger

A passionate, respected leader in biological dentistry for over 30 years, Dr. John Augspurger is President and Founder of BioDentist, and has vigorously pursued an extensive education under many of the most important practitioners and educators in the field of biological medicine. John’s robust approach to total wellness and his pedigree of knowledge in biological dentistry is unparalleled in the United States.

Dr. John maintains an active voice in the Society of Progressive Medicine, Holistic Dental Association, American Academy of Biological Dentistry, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, American Academy of Ozone Therapy, and is a Huggins Alliance Dentist.

Allyson Baker

Allyson is a visionary educator and holistic health practitioner whose dream has culminated in the Co-Founding of the HUH Institute.

After receiving her master’s degree in education from the University of Colorado and becoming board certified by the American College of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, Allyson has gone on to receive a Global Good Fund Fellowship Award for her creative, passionate, leadership at this innovative organization.

Baker’s lifelong expertise stems in large part from her deep practice and development of renowned Yoga programs throughout Denver, as well as directorial positions she has held at reputable educational organizations like the Denver Waldorf School, University of Denver, Huron University, and other academies.

Our team

We know that a large part of the healing journey is who you do it with. Our team members are all passionate about health, understand integrative care, and are committed to their own vitality so that our vibration is felt before it is known.

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Creating a better approach to wellness

BioDentist provides complete care for patients seeking the best biological and most holistic solution to their dental health and overall vitality.

The BioVital vitality clinic empowers you to change your conditions, optimize your health, and reach your greatest vitality.

Our non-profit BioLogic 501(c)3 hosts a variety of educational events to help people heal, learn, and grow with healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, and educators from around the world.

We recognize that health and education walk hand in hand. We have created an educational platform to reflect this truth and ensure members have the greater access to vital information and the ability to share what they know with the world.

Our History

The mouth was the gateway for our understanding of biological medicine and holistic healthcare.

After graduating with distinction from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry, Dr. John began pursuing a traditional route for dental school graduates.

After 10 months of practice in the conventional model, John recognized that the mainstream paradigm was broken, harmful to patients and dentists, and was not grounded in true healing.

He immediately began pursuing a greater solution, founded his own practice, and boldly undertook a tutelage from Dr. Hal Huggins, one of the world’s first and most revered biological dentists.

Meanwhile, Allyson Baker was busy facilitating breathwork retreats, developing business and language programs across several Universities, and cultivating a deep connection to her purpose as both an educator and healer.

After her leadership and acumen had gained recognition at the Denver Waldorf School, several local Yoga organizations, and at the U.S. largest firm for charter schools, Ally met Dr. John in 2013.

Allyson and John soon realized that their shared passion for health and education was the foundation for a magnificent partnership, and they Co-Founded the HUH Institute.

They have been pioneering and refining a sustainable and holistic approach to reaching greater vitality ever since.

Denver’s Leaders in Vitality

Colorado’s population is famous for valuing their health, so it was hardly a coincidence that the HUH Institute found its home in Denver.

We are honored to be among the holistic healthcare leaders in the United States, and grateful for the humans who are on this journey with us.

About our holistic health center

The HUH Institute is an over 20,000 square foot campus featuring a world class Biological Dentistry practice, a cutting-edge vitality clinic, and a community of healers, educators, and members who come from around the world to generate vitality.

Organic permaculture gardens surround the building as a living embodiment and tribute to natural vitality. We invite you to discover how you can enhance your health using biologically sound treatments, practices, and services.

Our 5-star patients