Health is a Verb. Do Something.

Health and vitality are personal responsibilities. For too long, people have freely handed over control of their health to medical and dental professionals who often approach wellness in a fragmented, disconnected way. At the HUH Institute, we view the human body as a fully integrated and comprehensive organism. And we know that our biological selves are designed by nature to be cooperative, communicative, and collaborative with the world around us.

The HUH Institute is committed to providing you with access to the world’s leading biological health experts, thought leaders and biological dental and medical technology to transform the passive, isolated treatment of disease and decay into an actively engaged pursuit of holistic vitality.

Your Mouth is the Gateway to the Rest of Your Body

Build a stronger relationship between your mouth and overall health, happiness and wellbeing. Our purpose is your whole body and life vitality.

Access Nature’s Elements
to Optimize Your Vitality

Today’s most effective, cutting-edge detox technologies combined with nature’s most powerful base elements—movement, light, earth, and oxygen.

Community Driven,
Community Strong

Your local, non-profit access point for the global biological health movement, poised to redefine the way the world looks at the human experience.

Learn to Be
Human, Again

Fuel your mind, body and soul with the planet’s most inspiring, visionary leaders in the biological healthcare movement.

Simple, huh.

Allyson Baker, co-founder and Director of Education at the HUH Institute, shares her thoughts on the simple, fundamental aspects of Human Universal Health in this introductory educational video.