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Our mission at the HUH Institute

As your holistic vitality center, we recognize that you hold the keys to your well-being.

We offer you an educational, integrative, and biological approach to healthcare.

We empower you to change your conditions, optimize your health, and reach your greatest vitality. We are here to guide you along the way.

Why Human Universal Health Institute?

Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology
American College of
Integrative Medicine
and Dentistry
Association Colon
Safe Mercury
Amalgam Removal
Huggins Alliance

Strengthen Immunity

Your immune system plays a monumental role in your health. You can harness and hone your body’s innate immunity.

Detoxify naturally

Toxicity is a constant threat to vitality in the modern world. Reducing your toxic load is essential to optimize your vitality.

Age well

You can recover health when you heal holistically. Discover how your systems support each other and what keeps them operating smoothly.

Sleep well

Your body cannot heal without quality sleep. Understanding your body’s parasympathetic response is critical for great rest and vital energy.

We transform lives.

Humans are comprised of all the same elements found in nature. From the soil to the water to the air we breathe, conditions matter. When it comes to human health, nature is our nature too.

If you have reached the limits of a typical fragmented approach to your health, we are here to receive you on your health journey, support your health sovereignty, and share powerful insights and treatments to regenerate your health holistically.

Experience Health at HUH

We will help you identify opportunities to experience greater vitality and support your body biologically. Each modality and experience at our holistic vitality center is designed to work in symphony with your natural design. How will you know when you’ve reached the level of vitality that you seek?

Our 5-star patients

Upcoming events

We magnetize and amplify educators, healers, and other innovators through our Human Universal Education programs. See how you can participate below!

3845RightSleep for Clinicians
April 8 - April 9
RightSleep for Clinicians

You will learn a revolutionary, all-natural way to achieve better success improving your patient’s sleep.

3843BREATHE! A Living Practice
December 14
BREATHE! A Living Practice

Breath is life. The deeper the breath, the fuller the life.

3842BREATHE! A Living Practice
November 9
BREATHE! A Living Practice

Breath is life. The deeper the breath, the fuller the life.

3203BREATHE! A Living Practice
October 12
BREATHE! A Living Practice

Breath is life. The deeper the breath, the fuller the life.

The HUH Approach to Health


Our health is our responsibility

We humans are natural organisms, capable of flourishing, self-regulating and regeneration. We are responsible for our health conditions and our environment. We can engage our will to bring consciousness to biology, individually and  collectively.  It’s our responsibility to learn to live vitally alive!


It’s your journey. It’s your choice.

Your journey and path are for you to follow and choose.  Only you can take hold of your life choices and create vitality anew. Understanding your options is key to directing the course of your health.


Our care is coherent care.

As guides on your health journey, we create coherent experiences and encounters to harmonize in health with you.

Holistic vitality center in Colorado

About Us

The Human Universal Health Institute is a 20,000 sq ft biological health, education, and holistic vitality center nestled in Denver.

We grew our approach from a fundamental understanding that our health is our responsibility. We provide access to cutting edge biological dentistry, education, and vitality so that you may regenerate health for yourself and the world.